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This Week in Tech: Top 5 from Silicon Valley Research Group

marc pitcher, silicon valley research groupIt’s been an interesting week in technology, and we thought we’d take the time to recap for you a few of the top technology stories we’ve been following.

1.       U.S. Government’s Big Guns Against Google

    In an apparent upping of the anti in its investigation of Google, the Feds hired a prominent outside litigator. Is this a sign that the Federal regulators are prepared to go all the way in this tussle with the Internet giant? Read more here from the New York Times to find out.

    2.       Biggest Handset Maker? Apple? Nokia? Nope. Hello Samsung

      Samsung's brand positioning has finally unseated Nokia as the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, based on shipments in the first three months of 2012, beating the Scandinavian company’s numbers by some 11 million units.  Will the onslaught continue? More here from Forbes.

      3.       Spotlight on the Cloud. Google vs. Dropbox vs. Skydrive.

        This week saw Google launch its much anticipated Google Drive cloud storage service, and Microsoft introduced a retooled version of Skydrive. There are a lot of choices now, and we found this take on what to look for when making your choice and interesting one. Check it out here at Time.

        4.       Skype app for PlayStation Vita announced

          Video calling on your hand held gaming device. And from Skype no less. Could this first move by Sony indicate that Microsoft really does intend to allow the newly acquired Skype to operate autonomously? Are they testing concept before offering the service on their own gaming systems? Find our more here from CNN.

          5.       Steve Jobs wanted Wonka-like Golden ticket to celebrate iMac success.

            A post Steve Jobs world may not be the same, but learning about his quirks now that he’s gone has been pretty revealing. Some good, some bad, and some, like this news about his Wonka fascination, just plain weird. Find out how he planned to celebrate the sale of the millionth iMac here at

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