Posted by Bob Sandler ● Tue, Mar 17, 2020 @ 09:29 PM

Big-Data, Big Problem?

Big DataFollowing up to the blog post on Big Data versus Big Insights (which BTW garnered the highest readership of any of the Silicon Valley Research Group blog posts!) , we plan to continue exploring this topic. Big data has been a hot topic for two years now, but questions remain on implementation strategy. In the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the snake, but will it finally be the year of Big Data?

The amount of data becoming available is daunting and what to do with it even more so. The battle between humanist and quant approaches will continue to rage and we will explore thought leadership on both approaches. Our annual IT survey will also include questions on how enterprises are currently approaching this, preferred tools and platforms, examples of big data initiatives and the reporting on results.


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