“Marketing success is as much a science as an art, one that demands customer focus, measurement and laser-like precision.”

    – Al Nazarelli, Founder & CEO

Silicon Valley Research Group is the premier global provider of technology market research and strategy development services working with some of the world’s leading technology companies. With offices in the Silicon Valley, Seattle and New York, our ability to deliver unparalleled market research insights and strategy development to our clients has helped them achieve proven results and resounding success in the marketplace. We are passionate about our clients' businesses and their success. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond simply collecting the data the project specs called for.  We deliver powerful and actionable insights with each customer assignment. Analyst showing market research results to client, Silicon Valley Research Group About Us

After years working for traditional market research companies, our Founder & CEO, Alan Nazarelli, made a commitment when he started Silicon Valley Research Group to design and deliver a completely different and unique market research experience to our clients. This difference has become the key ingredient in our market success, enabling us to work with a great roster of clients ranging from promising startups to rising high growth unicorns to the leading technology brands. We link marketing & customer success to bottom line financial performance and we work hard to help our clients transform their marketing from a cost center to a profit center.

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Our Vision

We are a distinctive and exciting marketing services company focused on delighting our clients. We are highly valued by our clients, employees and shareholders, respected by our competitors and prized in the business community for our vital contribution to the field of marketing.

Our Values

We believe, above all, in total commitment to our clients, their projects and the delivery of superior, timely and actionable output on every project we undertake.

We hold the highest regard for all individuals who contribute to our vision and recognize that our most valuable asset is the intellect, imagination, hard work and dedication of our people.Thank you, Silicon Valley Research Group, Our Values, we are thankful

We are committed to constantly improving and innovating our processes and methodologies employing the most relevant new research tools, techniques and technologies. Every client project is an opportunity to surpass ourselves.

We are thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate our talents and abilities and make such a vital contribution to the businesses we engage with and the communities in which we live.