Brand Equity & Message Testing


Make your brand stand out from the crowd with Brand Equity and Message Testing market research

Brands and messaging are the two most important aspects of your marketing communications. They are the key drivers in how your customers value your offerings. You want to make sure your brand and messages are being received in the way you intend, and you want to protect them from competitive forces.

Managing these intellectual assets requires testing, measuring, and tracking their performance and these can only be accomplished with thorough market research.


The Benefits

Benefits resulting from Brand Equity & Message Testing analysis:

  • Higher margins for products associated with the brand
  • Greater buyer loyalty
  • Higher social media affinity 
  • Fewer competitive defections
  • Greater in-elasticity to price increases
  • Increased effectiveness & impact of marketing campaigns
  • Opportunities for brand extensions




Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 11.44.30 PMBrand Equity 

In order to properly manage your brand, you need to take a measure of its equity and the key to successful brand equity measurement is selecting the dimensions along which you will measure the brand.

At Silicon Valley Research Group we apply various qualitative and quantitative methodologies to uncover those dimensions. The result is a "brand power" index that can be tracked over time. 

We offer brand measurement in two ways:

  • A one-time brand baseline measurement
  • Ongoing tracking of a brand's performance & its key competitors over time


Message TestingMessage_Testing2

Marketing campaigns often come from the intuition and creativity of an advertising group. While these professionals are typically backed by experience and credentials, the adage “trust but verify” captures the most appropriate position to take when investing in a high-cost advertising campaign. You want data to substantiate even the most successful advertiser’s gut feelings.

At Silicon Valley Research Group, we work with you and your agency to maximize your advertising ROI and produce high-impact campaigns with the most compelling messages.

Whatever your campaign’s objectives, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • To avoid bias, testing should never be conducted by the same group that created the message
  • For best results, plan to allocate 7-10% of the campaign budget to message testing



It’s natural to want to take a look under the hood when it comes to any investment, so we’ll let you in on some of our key methodologies. While we always tailor our approach to our clients’ specific needs, there are four methodologies we are likely to use in Brand Equity & Message Testing:

  • Focus Groups
  • MaxDiff Surveys
  • IDIs – In-Depth Phone & In-Person Interviews
  • Online Nationwide & Global Surveys