Enterprise Technology Adoption

Getting large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to adopt technology solutions is a major challenge for both established technology companies and startups. The decision process is complex with many interlocking factions. Do you pitch your Big Data solution to the office of the CIO or departmentally, say to the Marketing Department? Of both? And if so, how do you position your solution?

Silicon Valley Research Group has helped technology companies successfully gain enterprise product option in a number of industries. Our Enterprise361 suite of services provides in-depth first hand data and analysis to help you accomplish the following: 

  • Successfully get your solutions on the technology road-maps and architectures of large enterprises
  • Identify and cultivate lighthouse accounts and partnerships for new solutions
  • Create preeminent competitive market positioning for your solution even against entrenched competitors, even those favorably positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant
  • Provide enterprise decision map to help your sales and business development team navigate the complex enterprise decision cycles: who to contact when and in what order, with specific positioning and messaging triggers
  • Provide sales battle cards and conversational maps for your sales teams to enable them to achieve the situational fluency required for successful cultivation of each industry segment

Our Enterpise361 solutions comprise a proprietary blend of data mining and in-depth confidential executive opinion interviews to accomplish the above mentioned objectives. While focus groups are used for a lot of customer assignments, we do not believe these methods provide accurate and reliable intelligence for enterprise research for one very simple but compelling reason: The executives you need to influence for successful adoption of your solutions have not signed up to be called for focus groups, they have neither the time nor the inclination to attend these.  Yet traditional market research companies continue to convince their clients to pursue these methods!