Posted by Bob Sandler ● Tue, Aug 11, 2020 @ 08:19 PM

How Anthropological Observation Guides Strategic Planning.

David Kelly of IDEOWe spent a good part of 2012 enhancing our Customer Anthropology Lab with several new features dedicated to creating incredible results. Our Lab enables clients to best leverage the value of anthropological observation to guide strategic planning.

Those of you who recently saw David Kelly of IDEO on 60 minutes, heard him describe the design thinking process.

"The big thing about design thinking is it allows people to build on the ideas of others. Instead of just having that one thread, you think about it, I come up with an idea, and then somebody from somewhere else says, 'Oh that makes me think we should do this,' and then we could do that. And then you get to a place that you just can't get to in one mind."

A key feature of the Anthropology Lab is the portability of our research tools that make it possible to conduct sophisticated observations in the customers' "natural habitats" (home, office, coffee shop etc.) anywhere in the world.

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