Posted by Alan Nazarelli ● Tue, Aug 04, 2020 @ 08:32 PM

The consumerization of Big Data

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Yes, you heard that right. COBD. Now that IT has been consumerized, Big Data is next to be consumerized.

But what form  does this take? Just as the avaiability of data in the enterprise has created a growing appetite for data, consumers are now getting and wanting more data than ever in their day to day activities.

The classic scenarios that come to mind are fitness apps that track activity and monitor progress. But what about the alarm app that wakes up in the morning? What times did you wake up? How many times did you press snooze in the last month? What patterns exist? Is there a correlation between the propensity to snooze and the set alarm time? Day of week? Seasons? Just how much data should these types of apps hold? Where should they hold them, on the device or in the cloud? The list goes on, think of any app you use and think of the "data exhaust" from that app. Imagine consumers having access to that. And just as with tht enterprise, imagine consumers using more and wanting more and expecting big data with all the apps they use. Imagine apps that collate data across multiple specialty apps. Next, consumer friendly versions of data visualization and manipulation tools like Tableau.

Some apps already provide rudimentary aspects of this. But I believe we have only stratched the surface here. Contextual computing is the coming next big thing for consumers. See this recent article

Pleaase join the conversation-what are your thoughts?

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