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Peanut allergies, Super Bowl Ads and your 2024 go-to-market strategy!



No doubt you have heard about the controversy surrounding the pre-release of the Uber Eats Super Bowl ad. While the company was able to course-correct and eliminate the peanut allergy references they received feedback on in the pre-release version, the controversy cast negative connotations on the brand including comments from consumers vowing never to use the service again.

What is the point of spending over $20 million on an ad only to end up generating negative publicity? More likely, their tight production schedule did not allow for research and testing.

I am proud to announce that we are launching the world's fastest turnaround content testing research platform on Thursday March 7, 2024 (please consider this a pre-launch announcement to you, our existing clients and community members), under our OpinionBridge™ banner, enabling our clients to "quick-test" their creative content-including videos, digital and print ads, and employee videos with a rapid 48-hour turn around at a cost of $2995! While we have been busy designing the offering from the ground up for months now, the coincidental timing of our launch underscores the importance of pre-launch feedback. We designed our new offering to meet the requirements of our clients (yes, we practice what we preach or "eat our own dog food" as Larry Ellison would say); we conduct market research before we create and launch.


When we asked you, our client community, what it would take for us to create an effective solution that would enable you to test your content and creative, you provide the three vital ingredients below. My team has been hard at work to product engineer all three into our new offering. 

  1. Speed-our base offering provides comprehensive feedback and second-by-second sentiment and emotional scoring of your creative concepts within 48 hourswith more extensive feedback taking no more than a week
  1. Cost effectiveness-the base plan costs $2,500 with a 48-hour turnaround. More extensive testing plans are also available with no offering costing more than $10K
  1. Easy access-no need to evaluate lengthy proposals and issue POs-no more than 5 minutes needed to:
    1. Select a plan.
    2. Review and sign contract.
    3. Arrange payment.
    4. Upload content to be tested.

Our OpinionBridge™ solution will enable our clients to test various forms of creative output ranging from video ads and postings, digital ads, print advertising, website and landing page/click funnel mock-ups. We are also able to provide quick confidential feedback on blog content, white papers, and executive conference speech drafts regardless of whether intended for B2C or B2B audiences.

Controversial topics and images are not the only things we test for. Our comprehensive reports provide a complete sentiment analysis with open-ended "why's" behind their responses to provide actionable feedback on the content's impact, effectiveness, resonance relevance and ability to evoke desire and action.

In preparation for our March 7 launch, we have created “office hours” on my schedule for our community, so I can provide additional details, As always, I would love to hear your comments. Have a great week!

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