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Intel market research client Silicon Valley Research Group

As Intel breaks new ground in High Performance Computing through innovative new architectures, our work has been like the "scout before the wagon train" helping understand high level customer decision maker expectations and shaping conversations about the future of High Performance Computing between the company and its most important customers.


Drivewyze market research client Silicon Valley Research Group

From it's inception, the company's CEO and management team saw fit to partner with Silicon Valley Research Group for ongoing decision support on it's most important decisions from which product features to build, to how to package & bundle its solutions to the optimal pricing strategy. We are excited about the company's success.


Bank of America market research client Silicon Valley Research Group

When is a financial institution a technology company? Question is, when is it not? We provided Bank of America with seminal ground breaking research and insights to help architect its online banking solutions and optimize its customer experience. We have also helped provide customer perception insights to evolve the company brand and positioning.



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Customer Experience & Business Value

In our last blog post, we introduced a new model for marketers to navigate the buyer’s journey. Briefly, we talked how the textbook AIDA (attention/interest/desire/action) model needs to be replaced by an updated and more intricate model that engenders "like" and "trust" early in the cycle in the digital and social realms. And we updated the paradigm of selling to enable informed buying.     But, what when there is no "buy"? .....



Online Surveys Can Taint your Brand Name

 "I felt fine about your customer service, till you sent me that survey about your customer service." Open ended comment made by respondent on their post visit healthcare customer satisfaction survey.

As marketers get hungrier for data and feedback, we have to be careful about how and when we ask for feedback from customers.

I'll start with a personal experience. I recently had a support issue with my Microsoft Office365 subscription. As I was on the Microsoft site trying to resolve the issue, a survey window popped up asking me to take a "short" survey even BEFORE my issue was completely resolved.


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Silicon Valley Research Group mobile app monetization trends report
Mobile App Monetization Trends Report

Can mobile app developers continue to be “two trick ponies” sticking to iOS and Android in this ever changing landscape? If so, what are the costs of ignoring these platforms to their long term success? If not, how do they adopt and make investments in, and maintain apps for, these additional platforms? We conducted a market research study to obtain answers to these questions. We talked directly to mobile app developers and publishers.



Silicon Valley Research Group impact of location on new startup ventures
Impact of Location on New Startup Ventures

Does the location of a start up really make a difference in a world dominated by products purchased and delivered via the Internet? Or does location matter.

We studied the culture,
infrastructure and ecosystems of
our selected Startup Hub Cities:
Boston, NYC, Washington DC and Chicago. We analyzed the startup experience in each location in terms of staffing, civic incentives, office facilities, communities, human capital, investment capital, incubators/accelerators, and the area quality of life.



Silicon Valley Research Group cloud migration reseller business strategies
Cloud Migration Reseller Business Strategies

According to our research, we are less than a third of the way to reaching the full potential of the cloud business. With more than two thirds of the way still left to go, there is a pivotal role for resellers to play in this space.

  • What are the opportunities presented by this upcoming information technology explosion?

  • What do resellers need to do to "toolup" to take advantage of the opportunities?