Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence solutions can give your organization the competitive edge, arming you with the strategic intelligence which puts you ahead of the market curve, and enabling you to realize your organization’s potential and move towards your unique vision.

"Know the Terrain" as Sun Tzu declared in "The Art of War". Our competitive intelligence solutions goes beyond the usual things companies are able to gather internally such as tracking press, price lists, etc. We use primary research including customer and channel partner in-depth interviews and surveys, triangulated with syndicated data sources to create a predictive analytics based map for our clients on each key competitor's current market standing & strategies as well as future directions.

Most relevant data points we gather about your competitors include:
  1. How are they and their products perceived and received by their customers?
  2. Entrenchment Index: How strongly loyal or open to defection are your competitors' customers?
  3. Future directions-where they are headed, anticipating future moves on products and pricing