Drivewyze's Story

In five short years, DriveWyze has gone from startup to major disrupter in the transportation technologies industry by providing in cab and mobile solutions such as Weigh Station Bypass & Predictive Analytics Big Data based intelligence to enable fleet managers to safely & effectively manage and operate trucking fleets. The company has unstoppable momentum-deployed now in 34 states & growing!

From it's inception, the company's CEO and management team saw fit to partner with Silicon Valley Research Group for ongoing decision support on it's most important decisions from which product features to build, to how to package & bundle its solutions to the optimal pricing strategy.Drivewyze success with Silicon Valley Research Group market research

We are excited about the company's success and feel honored to have contributed to it. We continue to work with the company as it forges strategic alliances, creates new valuable offerings and innovates to take its momentum to new levels.