Intel's Story

Intel's various divisions are ardent users of market research data to make informed strategic decisions. From the company's founding and the rigorous disciplines on which Andy Grove built the company to its present day leadership blazing trials into new areas of mobile computing and IoT, the company remains a bell weather for the health of the semiconductor industry and Silicon Valley itself.

Silicon Valley Research Group is proud to be among the many external professional services firms making a vital contribution to its success. The company's breakthrough marketing strategies including it's Intel Inside campaign are based on a strong foundation of understanding customer mindsets and what it takes to motivate them.

Intel success with Silicon Valley Research Group market research

More recently, as the company breaks new ground in High Performance Computing through innovative new architectures, our work has been like the "scout before the wagon train" helping understand high level customer decision maker expectations and shaping conversations about the future of High Performance Computing between the company and its most important customers.

The company's recent acquisition of FPGA leader and our long standing client, Altera, is an exciting development. We look forward to continuing to work with the company as it exploits the speed and flexibility of Altera's FPGA technology to serve new exciting applications.