Mobile App Monetization Trends

While iOS and Android remain the dominant mobile platforms, a plethora of “secondary” platforms have gained traction and are commanding the attention of mobile developers seeking to gain or maintain profits. Industry consensus is that the mobile marketplace will continue to splinter with company entrants continuing to create new platforms and variations of the existing platforms.

Samsung recently unveiled its operating system in Asia, Blackberry is attempting a comeback, Windows phone is gaining share in several countries. Then there’s Amazon Kindle and Fire Phone, Nook as well as new connected TV platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Sling and Google’s ChromeCast. Can mobile app developers continue to be “two trick ponies” sticking to iOS and Android in this ever changing landscape? If so, what are the costs of ignoring these platforms to their long term success? If not, how do they adopt and make investments in, and maintain apps for, these additional platforms?

We conducted a market research study to obtain answers to these questions. We talked directly to mobile app developers and publishers. We held in-depth conversations with them to get their view points and strategies for success. What follows in this report is a synthesis of our findings and recipes for success.

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