Posted by Alan Nazarelli ● Thu, Sep 17, 2020 @ 07:29 PM

Introducing a Brand-Building Tool called MarketBuilder

We constantly strive to provide leading edge market research services and methodologies and have recently launched a proprietary adaptive market simulation suite we call MarketBuilder ™.

We designed the MarketBuilder™ brand building tool to enable you  to test various brand or service related variables. Attributes such as price, feature mix, buyer profile,geography and more can be adaptively tested in any configuration while the resulting market effects are captured and analyzed. Among the many unique components that make up the MarketBuilder™ suite are MessageBuilder™, a brand messaging test and review tool, AdaptiveMarket™, a multiple variable market simulation engine and the MarketBuilder™ Sales Simulator,  which provides objections maps and sales battle cards for sales departments and channel partners. The service has been designed with the special demands of fast growth, high volume technology companies in mind, and gives CMOs, sales and marketing departments a safe platform to test concepts and review the resulting market and sales effects. We use traditional techniques such as interviewing and conjoint studies of course and a lot of valuable raw data can result from those methods. We’ve found however that our clients are looking to test more and more variables and have trouble finding the pathway to act on the results. With MarketBuilder™ we can deliver the winning strategy along with the data, and the results have been fantastic. Results are robust and actionable. By providing you with a deeper dive into your specific market dynamics, including details such as Target Buyer Demographic Profiles, MarketBuilder™ insights can speed the sales and marketing decision making process and save you from costly mistakes. Results are delivered in the form of a full day Market Mapping workshop within four to six weeks of project start. Follow up presentations and webinars as requested ensure all stakeholders are involved in the MarketBuilder™ results. This is a powerful new tool in the Silicon Valley Research Group toolbox, and we look forward to showing you how its unique insight and capabilities can assist with your market intelligence efforts. For a short video on the MarketBuilder suite, click here.

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