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Customer Insights: The Phone Itch Cycle

The Phone Itch Cycle

The phone itch cycle is the point of inflection when the consumer is primed to upgrade to a new phone (or tablet). Carriers have recognized that the “phone itch” is not necessarily timed to the expiration of the consumer’s fixed contract period and are providing options to exploit these natural phone itch rhythms. Silicon Valley Research Group recently conducted a “phone itch cycle” segmentation-grouping users into categories based on how and when the phone itch gets triggered. What we found is a significant mismatch between the consumer phone itch cycles and phone manufacturers’ and carriers’ marketing campaigns. If you are a carrier or manufacturer:customer insights - phone itch cycle

  • Is your store the place where the next purchase based on the itch cycle will be consummated? What triggers do you have in place to ensure this beyond the fact that the particular customer currently owns your device or is on your network?

  • If the customer is NOT on your network or does not own your device, what strategies and triggers do you have in place to identify, opt in, and convert switchers-those who would switch devices, operating systems, or carriers?

  • Have you pre-emptively identified the signals for “phone fatigue” when the consumer is tired of her phone experience or is looking for variety and therefore, open to switching devices, platforms, or carriers? Is your device or plan appropriately positioned as a “switch to” destination?

Al Nazarelli is President & CEO of Silicon Valley Research Group

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