Posted by Wes Fu ● Tue, Mar 10, 2020 @ 07:28 PM

Sales Battle Cards

We recently completed a study for a business-to-business information technology (IT) company; this company believed they could be more effective and efficient in their sales approach. Their main sales approach was to work through partners distributing Information Technology solutions to IT departments around the world.

   Our client did not come to us with a particular technique in mind, but instead came to us with this problem regarding their sales effectiveness. We advised them that they should implement the Information Technology Win/Loss Analysis Lab.  One of the outcomes of the study was Silicon Valley Research Group’s (SVRG)’s proprietary B2B Technology Sales Battle Cards which the company’s global channel partners’ sales teams could use to steer customer conversations.

The first phase of this project was to build a foundation for IT Win/Loss Analysis by performing qualitative IT interviews. These B2B Information Technology Interviews conducted with partners and their end customers helped our client learn in-depth examples and scenarios that led to sales wins or losses. This enabled us to create a force field analysis mapping and modeling common indicators or “markers” for a potential win or loss, as well as determine potential solutions or antidotes to the sales losses.

The second phase of this project was to add a more global perspective by gathering quantitative Business to Business IT

marketing survey
marketing survey

Surveys from the client’s partners and end customers. These surveys helped us determine the frequency and likelihood of different indicator of sales success and failure, as well as validate the most effective solutions to potential barriers to adoption.

These stages resulted in valuable insights for the client that completely revolutionized their understanding of the sales dynamics of their marketplace. The true value of the project was delivered, however, through the Business to Business Technology Sales Battle Cards that SVRG developed to help guide their global channel sales force.  Post-study follow ups with the client and some of their channel partners confirm that the sales battle cards are an essential part of the sales teams’ selling arsenal and have led to improved win/loss ratios across the global selling channel.

To learn more about how SVRG’s Win/Loss Analysis and Sales Battlecards can help your company, please contact us.