Posted by Alan Nazareli ● Tue, May 10, 2022 @ 04:05 PM

It’s morning at Silicon Valley Research Group!

It's morning here at Silicon Valley Research Group! Having just celebrated our 20th anniversary, we are very much looking forward to the next 20. First and foremost, we want to thank all our revered clients for making the first 20 years a success. We have enjoyed serving and working with all of you!

As we continue our journey forward, I wanted to share some exciting new developments we have been working on and will be releasing in the next few months:

Initiative 1: We are preparing to launch MRaaS or Market Research as a Service, under our newly trademarked brand name, Enterprise361®.

Enterprise361® is designed to provide customers with a 360 degree plus one view of their entire operating theater with continuous year-round monitoring and delivery of research data insights. The service will be made available on an annual contract basis. Standard contract duration of 1 year to 3 years will be offered. Each package or bill-of-materials will be custom tailored to fit the individual customer's needs. For multi-year engagements, the package will be reset each year to align with the company or workgroup annual objectives and KPIs/OKRs. While packages will be custom designed for each client, we expect the following five common items to be included:

  1. Bi-annual company brand equity and competitive standing scorecard
  2. Ongoing competitive monitor intelligence and activity tracking
  3. Biannual employee survey and participation in in-depth "innovation hub" sessions hosted for our clients by Silicon Valley Research Group. Employee ideas are the most frequently overlooked source for process and profitability improvement. Research has shown that company employees are also most comfortable and candid providing such feedback to third-parties than directly to their employers
  4. Annual diversity and inclusion benchmarking survey and report
  5. Reporting through custom built dashboards (with API integrations available), and quarterly business reviews.

Please contact us at if interested in  becoming an early customer.

Initiative 2: We have been busy putting finishing touches on our Customer Advocacy offering, ReferenceBridge™, our first ever subscription-based software offering. The product will be going into trial this summer, with full launch later this year. We are conducting demos for select customers. Please contact us at if you are interested in a demo or becoming an early customer. 



Lastly, we are imploring our clients to use this opportunity to revisit pricing strategies. With inflation rising, your costs are likely to rise and now is a good time to revisit pricing. We can help with our discrete choice analysis-based price optimization and simulation studies. Please feel free to contact us.

These are exciting times in our era of Big Data. Never before has so much been possible with data analytics and insights! We firmly believe market winners will be those that are most able to leverage data to improve operational and marketing efficiencies. We look forward to creating more wins for our clients in the years and decades ahead!

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